Henna Hair Colors

Natural Henna Hair Colors

We offer a range of 100% Natural Henna Hair Colors, neutral henna powder, natural hair color powder, herbal henna hair color which are available in different color shades for every kind of hair made out of pure henna with other rare herbs as per international standards, the powder gives benefits of hair coloring, conditioning and nourishing.

Types of henna colors offered:

  • Natural Henna Powder
  • Natural Indigo Powder
  • Neutral Henna Powder
  • Herbal Henna Powder
  • Hair Treatment Henna Powder
  • Natural Gold Henna Powder
  • Natural Orange Henna Powder
  • Natural Brown Henna Powder
  • Natural Golden Yellow Henna Powder
  • Natural Lemon Yellow Henna Powder


Directions for use:

  • Add normal water to make thick paste work on it to make a thick paste.
  • Apply the paste on hair with a brush.
  • Comb after five minutes for the paste to reach the hair roots
  • Wash off the paste after about 60 minutes followed by shampooing after gap


Herbal Henna Hair Colors

We offer our clients a complete range of Herbal Henna Hair Colors that are purely henna based. The powder is prepared by subjecting the henna powder in a completely moisture-free environment before it is churned with other chemicals. After the henna powder is fully prepared and formulated, it is sealed into air tight packets.


We offer following types of henna hair color:


  • Black Henna Powder
  • Brown Henna Powder
  • Dark Brown Henna Powder
  • Medium Brown Henna Powder
  • Light Brown Henna Powder
  • Super Brown Henna Powder
  • Special Brown Henna Powder
  • Golden Brown Henna Powder
  • Chestnut Brown Henna Powder
  • Golden Yellow Henna Powder
  • Lemon Yellow Henna Powder
  • Burgundy Henna Powder
  • Wine Red Henna Powder
  • Sunset Red Henna Powder
  • Mahogany Henna Powder
  • Royal Blue Henna Powder
  • Purple Blue Henna Powder
  • Blood Red Henna Powder


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