Natural Indigo

Natural Indigo Powder

We are the manufacturers of 100% Natural Indigo Powder. It is made from the Leaves of Indigo Plant, a sub-tropical shrub that stands 1 to 2 meters tall. Indigo possesses a Natural Blue Dye in its leaves that when used with Henna will dye your Hair in a range of colors from Reddish Brown, Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown and Black.

Indigo Powder

We offer Indigo Powder. Indigo (indigofera tinctoria) is a deciduous shrub growing 1m - 2m high, flowering during July-September pollinated by insects in sub tropical regions and temperate areas of India and requires plenty of light. It is a frost tender plant of the tropics. A member of the legume family, fabaceae, the third largest family of flowering plants, indigofera tinctoria can biologically fix nitrogen, annually enriching the soil.

Indigofera tinctoria is native to india which is one of the oldest known centers of indigo dye production. The association of india with indigo is revealed in the greek word for the dye, indikon, meaning 'blue dye from india' or more literally 'indian substance'. The romans used the term indicum, which passed eventually into english as the word indigo.   the romans used indigo as a pigment for painting, for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It was a luxury, however, being imported from india to the mediterranean by arab merchants.

Indigo oxidizes when exposed to air and water. When the hair color is mixed with hot water for use, the dye is released. The indigo henna powder we offer is 100% natural. It gives strength, color as well as shine to hair.


  • 100% pure and natural.
  • Gives natural and attractive indigo blue color to hair.
  • Dispels heat, cures neurosis and have a soothing effect.
  • revitalizes the hair.
  • Cause no irritation to the skin.

Directions for Use:-

  • Mix indigo leaves powder with lukewarm water (40oc) and make a thick paste.
  • Allow this paste to sit for 10-15 mins so that the dye releases.
  • Apply this paste on hair with a brush.
  • Comb after five minutes for the paste to reach the hair roots.
  • Wash off the paste after 1 hour (minimum) thoroughly.

Note:- If indigo is applied after henna application, natural black color is obtained.

Sensitivity Test:-

  • Clean a small area of skin either behind the ear or the inner surface of the forearm
  • Apply a small quantity of the indigo paste
  • after about 2 to 4 hours gently wash the area with soap and water
  • If no irritation or inflammation is apparent, it is safe to use.


  • Use on the color on eyebrows and eyelashes may result in blindness

Indigo Plant

We are the manufacturers of 100% Natural Indigo Plant. It is made from the Leaves of Indigo Plant, a sub-tropical shrub that stands 1 to 2 meters tall.

Natural Indigo Powder

Apply NATURAL HENNA POWDER first for your base tone and then NATURAL INDIGO POWDER to create a Black Hair Color in Two Step Process:


· Mix Henna Powder in Luke warm water and keep for 12 - 24 hrs.

· Add 3-4 drops of Lime Juice to the Henna paste before applying and mix well.

· Apply Henna paste on hair and keep for min 1 hr.

· Wash of Henna from the hair with water. Do not apply Shampoo.

· Mix Indigo Leaves Powder with lukewarm water (40oC) and add a pinch of salt to get deeper color. Make a thick paste and keep the paste for 15 mins.

· Apply Indigo paste on Henna applied hair. Keep the paste on hair for min 1 hr.

· Wash of Indigo from the hair with water. Do not apply Shampoo.


Takes about 2 days for the color to oxidize and show it’s true shade of Black.

Note: Wear gloves to protect your hands from being stained.

Dye Your Hair "Black" with INDIGO Naturally

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